Plant Rentals and Artificial Plant Rental

If you’re looking to add plants to your office or to use plants at an upcoming event, don’t inconvenience yourself by thinking you need to run out to a nursery and buy the plants yourself. If you want to incorporate plants into your office design or find plants for an event, Foliage Design Systems North Carolina can help with our event plant rentals services. Leased plants are great because they are cost-effective and can be swapped in and out with changing seasons. We have plant lease packages that are designed to meet just about any budget and circumstance, regardless of whether you’re looking for a long-term plant solution or a one-time event plant rental.

From an artificial plant rental that will require absolutely no maintenance to seasonal leased plants that you can change every so often to make your office look different, Foliage Design Systems North Carolina can accommodate. We can sit down with you and help you come up with a plan that works best for your needs, or you can simply tell us exactly what you want and allow us to take care of the rest. Either way, you will quickly see the value in our plant rental services.

In addition to providing our customers with plant lease packages, Foliage Design Systems North Carolina can also help you with maintaining your plant rentals. Obviously, you won’t have to worry about maintaining an artificial plant rental, but most of the leased plants that we send to you will need to be watered, fed, and even rotated and moved at times so that they get all the nutrients they need. This can be a real hassle for you as you try to juggle everything else on your plate, so we are more than happy to offer our leased plants maintenance to you.

Do you love the idea of using plant rentals to decorate your office or upcoming event? Get in touch with Foliage Design Systems North Carolina at 910-395-5536 today to hear about our plant lease packages.

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