Our Green Living Walls

One of our living green walls behind beautiful interior designIf you have been trying to come up with a way to decorate a large, bare wall in your office building or commercial space, why not consider creating a green wall? Green walls are a great way to incorporate plants into any indoor or outdoor space, and Foliage Design Systems North Carolina can help you design and maintain one that fits your style. More and more companies are turning to commercial green walls from trusted names like GSky to spruce up their properties, and they are becoming increasingly popular in building lobbies, malls, and other venues.

There are so many benefits that come along with installing living walls in or on a property. For starters, green walls add a unique appeal when installed properly. Whether you decide to go with all green plants or work a few flowers into the mix, you can create something that will be aesthetically pleasing to your employees and customers. Vertical gardens are also great because they will supply plenty of oxygen and improve the air quality inside. You can also enlist our help to create an exterior green wall if you want to hide unsightly stains or other blemishes on an old building. There are many ways to utilize commercial green walls, and Foliage Design Systems North Carolina is here to walk you through the process and help you make a decision on the best choice for your particular space.

Our green living wall greeting costumers at the entrance of an officeIn the event that you do decide to install living walls in your place of business, you should have it done by a company with plenty of experience, like Foliage Design Systems North Carolina. As you might imagine, there are certain challenges that come with planting flowers and other live plants vertically. When we create vertical gardens, we do it the right way so that your plants will flourish and be easy to maintain. Once you have living walls in your business, we can also come back regularly to inspect them and to provide the maintenance they need to look their best.

To start designing a green wall for your business, give Foliage Design Systems North Carolina a call at (910) 352-4668 today.