These Low-Maintenance Plants Are Perfect for the Office

Does your office work space feel a little drab and stuffy? Are you looking for ways to brighten it up and get some fresh air? Consider getting a few indoor plants! Scientific research has demonstrated that many of these plants act as natural air filters and help keep people healthy and productive. So what are… Read more »

Research Finds Improved Air Quality Can Boost Productivity

In addition to making our workspaces feel more serene and inviting, indoor plants can also help to improve the quality of the air we breathe. In 1989, NASA conducted a landmark clean air study which examined the cleansing effects of plant life on indoor air quality. The study was designed to find new ways to… Read more »

Applying the Biophilia Hypothesis to Your Workplace

Applying the Biophilia Hypothesis to Your Workplace

The term Biophilia literally translates to “a love of life or living systems.” It’s a term that was popularized by biologist Edward O. Wilson through his 1984 work Biophilia. The basic idea is that human beings are hardwired to be relaxed and invigorated by exposure to our natural environment. This theory accounts for the unique sense of… Read more »

Most Popular Plant for Interior Designers

Once considered a throw back to the Seventies, the Ficus Lyrata aka “Fiddle Leaf Fig” has seen a resurgence in popularity.  I would wager you can find a Lyrata in any current decor magazine, Interior Designer’s Instagram feed or Pinterest page.  They are everywhere!  For commercial use, Ficus Lyrata aren’t quite as popular.  They have… Read more »

Rare and Endangered Plants

Each year new flora and fauna are added to endangered species lists and recently three plants found throughout the United States have made the cut. These plants are the Gladecress, Short’s Bladderpod, and the Whorled Sunflower. Currently these plants can be found in several states including Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. The US Fish and Wildlife… Read more »